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Those who work in the medical profession have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their patients receive the correct treatment in a proper manner.

In the majority of cases in this country, fortunately, medical professionals carry out their work to a high standard however sometimes mistakes do happen and patients can suffer as a result.

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If the actions of the medical professional (for example doctor, nurse, surgeon or dentist, or an anaesthetist) fell below medically accepted standards (breach of duty) and you incurred an injury or loss due to the actions (or lack of actions) (damage) then you may be liable to make a medical negligence claim (also known as a ‘clinical negligence claim’).

In practice, medical negligence can mean:

  • Misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis which leads to complications or a deterioration of the patient’s condition
  • Surgical errors that cause unnecessary pain or scarring
  • Neglect, or a lack of treatment which leads to a deterioration of the patients’ condition.
  • Complications or side effects caused by medication errors (including anaesthetic).
  • Injuries to a mother or child during childbirth (birth injury claims)


Our Lawyers are experts in medical negligence claims. Proving a medical negligence claim can be difficult because you have to show your loss was caused by incompetent health care or lack of judgement and you also have to show that the poor treatment actually caused your injury. This is why it is vital that you instruct a Lawyer with expertise in this field.

Our Directors have been involved in the following successful cases in recent times:

  • Mismanagement of labour
  • Caused Claimant to be afraid of becoming pregnant again
  • A&E failed to spot fracture in client’s spine after she fell from horse
  • Dentist incorrectly carried out restorative dentistry following an accident. Obtained damages not only for cost of having work correctly carried out but also for the pain and suffering experienced.

We will handle your claim sensitively and listen to what you want to get out of it. We will ensure you get the best possible advice and the compensation you are entitled to. We will explore the circumstances with you; review your options, discuss them, answer your questions and outline the help you may be able to expect from us.